Episode 86
Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Food media led by non-white editors is paving the way for representative coverage

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As the food media industry addresses longstanding issues‚ÄĒincluding systems that have devalued people of color and centered power among white leadership‚ÄĒwe're looking to Black- and people-of-color-led food media outlets as we explore what it means to have editorial power in non-white hands. We talk with editors from forthcoming print magazine For The Culture (pictured: an early mock-up) and digital outlets Cuisine Noir and Island & Spice. We also hear commentary from food writer Osayi Endolyn and James Beard journalism chair Jamila Robinson.

We're stepping away from our normal one-on-one author interviews this month to hold space for deeper conversations around equity and representation in food media and the cookbook industry. Stay tuned as we talk with cookbook authors, food writers, editors, podcast hosts, and the generation of young cooks and food writers.

In Part 3 of our Food Media Awakening Series, we're talking all about food media: specifically, food media that is not owned or led by white people.

With power and editorial control largely in the hands of white people at "mainstream" food media outlets, we're talking with editors, publishers, and writers about the importance of having and investing in Black- and people-of-color-led food media.

We called up several guests for this show: Food writer and cookbook author Klancy Miller joins to discuss her forthcoming magazine, For The Culture, which tells the stories of Black women in food and wine by Black female writers, photographers, and illustrators. Editors Sheree Williams of Cuisine Noir and Rochelle Oliver of Island & Spice discuss their work and editorial processes. And we hear analysis from Jamila Robinson, food editor for the Philadelphia Inquirer and chair of the James Beard Awards' journalism committee, and food writer Osayi Endolyn.

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