Episode 79
🥧  PIE WEEK 2021
Tuesday, April 21, 2020

A year of home cooking and baking—and seasonal timpanos—with Berliner Meike Peters

"While I was traveling, while I was working on other projects, at the back of my mind, this idea started to kind of develop—maybe not consciously. There was always this fascination for '365' — and I think deep inside, maybe I knew I would want to turn that into a book one day."

This week, we're excited to welcome food blogger and cookbook author Meike Peters to Salt + Spine, the podcast on cookbooks.

Meike is the James Beard-winning author of Eat In My Kitchen and her latest cookbook, 365: A Year Of Everyday Cooking And Baking. And her latest work is exactly that: 365 new recipes to fuel a year of home cooking. Meike has been sharing recipes from her home kitchen in Berlin on her blog, Eat In My Kitchen, and on her Instagram since 2013.

In today’s show, we’re talking with Meike about:

  • how she went from a music label to pursuing a food career;
  • the inspiration behind her work and how she approaches recipe testing;
  • and developing a full year of approachable, varied recipes for her latest book.

Plus, of course, we’re playing a themed game with Meike.

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