Episode 101
Thursday, March 25, 2021

Friendship, trust, and great food with The Grey's Mashama Bailey & John Morisano

"The fact that there aren't as many black men or women running kitchens in America is in itself a systemic problem. There are tons of people of color when you go into any kind of culinary program‚ÄĒand in the mid-level kitchens, there's tons of diversity in those kitchens. But as soon as you cross the threshold into higher echelon kitchens, then you start to thin out because there isn't any capital backing these talented folks." ‚ÄĒMashama Bailey

This week, we're excited to welcome Mashama Bailey and John O. Morisano to Salt + Spine, the podcast on stories behind cookbooks.

Mashama is the executive chef and partner of The Grey, which she runs with her business partner, John O. Morisano. The Savannah, Georgia restaurant is set inside a once-segregated, former Greyhound bus station and has been dubbed Restaurant of the Year by Eater and named one of TIME magazine‚Äôs "greatest places." The Grey serves up Mashama‚Äôs menu, which draws influences from all over and in particular the South, Italy, and Africa. In 2019, the James Beard Foundation awarded Mashama its Best Chef: Southeast award. Together, Mashama and John built The Grey ‚ÄĒ and now, they‚Äôre taking a unique approach with their memoir-cookbook by telling the story together, too.

Their book ‚ÄĒ titled Black, White, and The Grey: The Story of an Unexpected Friendship and a Beloved Restaurant ‚ÄĒ chronicles how the pair came together, relocated to Savannah, and opened a celebrated restaurant. But it‚Äôs more than the story of The Grey ‚ÄĒ it‚Äôs also a conversation about race, class, gender, and American culture. And interlaced throughout are recipes to accompany the chapters.

Mashama and John joined us remotely in our virtual studio for this week’s show.

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