Episode 88
Tuesday, October 27, 2020

How Roman taxi drivers inspired Kristina Gill to catalog classic cucina romana recipes

"I think I always had in the back of my mind at some point‚ÄĒbecause I was obsessed with cookbooks‚ÄĒthat I wanted to write a cookbook. But writing a cookbook requires a sustained passion about a topic, and I never came up with anything that I thought was a good enough idea until I came up with the Roman one."

This week, we're excited to welcome Kristina Gill to Salt + Spine, the podcast on stories behind cookbooks.

Kristina Gill is the co-author of Tasting Rome: Fresh Flavors and Forgotten Recipes from an Ancient City. A native of Nashville, Kristina relocated to Rome in 1999. Kristina joined us remotely from, of course, Rome, to talk about the role food has played in her life, how she approaches her work, and where she turns for inspiration. Plus, of course, we‚Äôre playing a game and putting Kristina to the culinary test.‚Äć

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