Episode 96
Thursday, January 28, 2021

Kate McDermott's rules for pie making, straight from Pie Camp to your home kitchen

"Keep everything chilled, especially yourself. This is just pie. This is not rocket science. This is important. It is full of love‚ÄĒthat's what's important. Not does it look like the cover of the magazine. My pies rarely look like that."

ūü•ß It's Pie Week 2021 ūü•ß

This week, we're excited to welcome Kate McDermott to Salt + Spine, the podcast on stories behind cookbooks, for our Spring 2021 Pie Week!

Kate‚Äôs been a pie baker for her whole life, learning beside her grandmother to make perfectly flaky dough and scrumptious fillings. After years spent experimenting with various doughs, Kate began to offer pie workshops‚ÄĒand they quickly started to sell out. She knew she was onto something, and it‚Äôs been all things pie ever since.

Called a ‚Äúpie guru‚ÄĚ by Sunset magazine and the ‚Äúpie-making queen‚ÄĚ by Chowhound, Kate‚Äôs name has become synonymous with the practice of home-baking pies infused with care and confidence. Thousands of people have joined her workshops, including her 3-day Pie Camp, in Washington State and around the world.

Her first cookbook ‚ÄĒ Art of the Pie ‚ÄĒ was nominated for a James Beard award. She followed it up with Home Cooking, breaking from pie just long enough to offer fans delectable recipes for some of her best comfort foods.

And now she’s back with her third cookbook, Pie Camp. With a greater focus on technique, Pie Camp brings many of the most-sought pie lessons to your home. Recipes range from Buttermilk Bourbon Pumpkin to Raspberry-Peach Sunset Chiffon to Double Chocolate Banana…

Kate joined us remotely from her Port Angeles, Washington home for this week’s show. And, of course, we’re playing a pie game at the end of the episode, plus we’ve got featured recipes from Pie Camp for you.

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