Episode 102
Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Jake Cohen on Jew-ish cuisine, reinventing recipes, and becoming the 'gay Ina Garten'

"The best cookbooks are the ones that really just touch me. They get at me and they are speaking to me on a deeper level because I'm seeing myself in them."

This week, we're excited to welcome Jake Cohen to Salt + Spine, the podcast on stories behind cookbooks.

You might recognize Jake from any number of social media platforms, where he regularly creates viral recipes and food content. A native New Yorker, Jake started his career post-culinary school at some of Manhattan‚Äôs most revered restaurants ‚ÄĒ Daniel and ABC Kitchen ‚ÄĒ before he made the jump to food media. Traversing his way through the offices of outlets like Saveur and Tasting Table, Jake rose in the ranks and became known for his inventive recipes.

And now he‚Äôs here with his first cookbook ‚ÄĒ his debut ‚ÄĒ titled Jew-ish, Reinvented Recipes from a Modern Mensch. It‚Äôs an exploration of Jewish food, often with innovative twists, ranging from a recipe for the Perfect Challah to dishes like Matzo Tiramisu.

Jake joined us remotely in the Salt + Spine Virtual Studio for today’s show to #TalkCookbooks.

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