Episode 85
Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Building a more equitable cookbook industry won't be easy, but change is overdue

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From authors to literary agents to cookbook editors to food writers, the consensus is clear: Publishing is too white and the industry is suffering from longstanding, systemically racist practices. How does the industry reform? We talk with six experts about what change might look like.

We're stepping away from our normal one-on-one author interviews this month to hold space for deeper conversations around equity and representation in food media and the cookbook industry. Stay tuned as we talk with cookbook authors, food writers, editors, podcast hosts, and the generation of young cooks and food writers.

In the second episode of our Food Media Awakening series, we're taking a closer look at the cookbook industry. What issues around representation exist in cookbook publishing?¬†How have authors and others working in the field navigated these challenges?¬†What needs to change ‚Ästand what would a more equitable cookbook industry look like?

We called up several guests to discuss these topics: cookbook author and photographer Kristina Gill (co-author of Tasting Rome), literary agents Rica Allannic and Sally Ekus, cookbook editor Cristina Garces of Chronicle Books, and food writers Osayi Endolyn and Illyanna Maisonet.

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