Episode 87
Tuesday, October 20, 2020

A New Generation of Food Writers and Chefs on What the Future Holds

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"My message to other young people who want to get started in the food industry ‚Ķ¬†[is to] understand that food community and being in the food industry is not always in a restaurant. Maybe you love food, but you're maybe not the best cook. You can always be a food writer or there's all different kinds of areas in food that you can go into if cooking isn't your thing." ‚ÄďOakland chef Rahanna Bisseret Martinez

We're stepping away from our normal one-on-one author interviews in this series  to hold space for deeper conversations around equity and representation in food media and the cookbook industry. Stay tuned as we talk with cookbook authors, food writers, editors, podcast hosts, and the generation of young cooks and food writers.

In the final installment of our Food Media Awakening Series‚ÄĒand the beginning of our fall 2020 season‚ÄĒwe're talking with teenage food professionals about what drew them to food and food writing and what they see for the food media and restaurant industries as their generation enters the workforce.

Oakland-based Rahanna Bisseret Martinez shares her perspective on restaurant kitchens, New York City's Food and Finance High School student Michael Stanton discusses their junior class project, Pass the Spatula, which tells the stories of trailblazing people of color in food, and cookbook author and activist Haile Thomas talks about what drew her to wellness, a vegan diet, and advocacy.

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