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The Salt & Spine Cookbook Club is like a ‘regular’ book club…but with a very special twist. Each month we focus on one author's work—reading, cooking and connecting about it on social media.

The bonus: every month we get together live with the author for a Dinner Party, sponsored by HARDCOVER COOK, the subscription box and ingredient shop for cookbook lovers. Currently, the Dinner Party is virtual (via Zoom); we look forward to the day when the club can meet in person at The Civic Kitchen.



Join the Salt + Spine Cookbook Club and our Janaury featured guest, author Anna Francese Gass, and her first cookbook, Heirloom Kitchen. Join us as we cook through this book, share on social media, get a peek into Anna's creative process, and then come together on a Zoom Dinner Party with the author! Reserve your spot at the Dinner Party now!

Anna Francese Gass grew up in a small town on the Rhode Island shore before moving to New York City for university and an exciting new life. After a stint in the corporate world, she decided, in order to be truly happy, she needed to spend her time in the kitchen, instead of an office cubicle.

She quit her fast-paced sales job and enrolled in Culinary Arts at the French Culinary Institute in Lower Manhattan to follow her dream of professional cooking. Soon thereafter, she found her niche in test kitchens, and has worked for Whole Foods, MAD HUNGRY, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and FOOD52. She has also assisted on numerous successful cookbooks and worked on a number of cooking television shows.

Cooking with grandmothers around the country has become her passion. Her hope is that by transcribing these cherished recipes, they will continue to be shared and loved for generations to come.

Our cookbook club is hosted in collaboration with our friends at The Civic Kitchen cooking school, and this month's Virtual Dinner Party is presented by Hardcover Cook, the subscription box and ingredient shop for cookbook lovers.

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Start your month by tuning in as Anna Francese Gass sits down with Salt + Spine host Brian Hogan Stewart to talk about her career, her debut cookbook Heirloom Kitchen, and more. This episode originally aired on August 20, 2019. (Already listened? Take this moment to re-visit the episode.)


Grab your copy of Heirloom Kitchen and pick a few recipes you’d like to make this month. Here are two featured recipes from Anna's cookbook, Heirloom Kitchen, to get you started:

Plus: Reserve your seat for the Virtual Dinner Party and get access to more featured recipes.

Don’t have a copy of Heirloom Kitchen yet? See links above to purchase. You can also check your local libraries for hard copies or digital versions.


Show off what you’re cooking from Anna's Heirloom Kitchen! Snap a pic and use the hashtag #TalkCookbooks when sharing on social media. And see what others are making, too!

Plus, learn from Anna as she shares cooking tips, recipes, behind-the-scenes content, and more—exclusively on our social media.


Come together on Zoom with Anna Francese Gass and other Salt + Spine cookbook club members for a Virtual Dinner Party!


Cook along from Heirloom Kitchen (if you'd like!), then sit back and take the chance to ask Anna all your cooking questions and meet other cookbook lovers.

Reserve your seat for OUR Dinner Party WITH ANNA FRANCESE GASS HERE!
And then join us next month for our August featured author, PRIYA KRISHNA!
Reserve your seat for OUR Dinner Party WITH PRIYA KRISHNA HERE!